Irish Celtic Starter Kit

Deluxe Starter Kit for new Lacemakers who wish to create lace with an Irish Celtic falvour. No experience necessary. Comprehensive instructions will enable newcomers to produce decorative results quickly while introducing them to the fascinating world of bobbin Lace. Designs include a Celtic
bookmark, butterfly and knot motifs, a Celtic unicorn head and interlace edging. Once having completed the pieces in this kit the lacemaker will be well prepared to move on to more complex designs contained in An Craobh Nua, or to other styles of Bobbin Lace.

Kit contains:

Polystyrene lace pillow with Celtic green cover and matching working cloth
Irish Celtic Lace for Beginners by Ann Margaret Keller
7 pairs undecorated wood bobbins, spangled
1 pair bobbins, spangled and decorated, one with an Irish Celtic Harp, one with
a Celtic knot.
Outline Gold Gimp thread
Box of pins
Crochet Hook

Price for full Irish Celtic Starter Kit: 69 plus 15 P&P
Book only : 16.50 plus 15% P&P